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About Us.

Altrobeats is a company founded by Peter and Silvan Pelican. With the convincing goal of offering successful and high-quality services in the music industry.


Peter is an accomplished entrepreneur and managing director working in the background and has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Silvan is the sound engineer with a bachelor's degree in audio production and the mainstay of the day-to-day business. He also works as a musician, DJ and live engineer.


Professional music production and music mastering are the two key areas in which Altrobeats specialises. Silvan has set himself the goal of producing unique and attractive music not only for himself, but also for our customers, or to refine it in the best possible quality and with the greatest care.


Altrobeats is a company that stands for passion, commitment and high quality work. It is the end product of the hard work and dedication of two family members who firmly believed in their idea and vision - to present music in its purest and most authentic form.

Our Team.

Silvan Pelican

Sound engineer with a bachelor's degree in audio production
& Musician, DJ, Live-Engineer

Peter Pelican

Managing Director
with Silvan Pelican

Hockey just another passion.

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